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Jordan 1 Low OG Bleached Coral
879 reviews

The Air Jordan 1 low OG bleached coral features a white smooth leather and black ruptured leather upper with a vibrant bleached coral suede upper and heel roll. On the heel. The signature Jordan Wings logo nods to the jumpers’ first Air Jordan logo. From there, a white air sole completes the design.

The Air Jordan 1 Low OG Bleached Coral Pack releases in July 2022 and will retail for $130.

Telfar Shopping Bag Small Cyan
217 reviews

4.7H 6.6W 3.1D STRAP 21



Retail Price






Release Date


Jordan 1 Retro High OG Bleached Coral (GS)
485 reviews




Retail Price


The Marc Jacobs The Snapshot Camera Bag
212 reviews

4H 7W 2D STRAP 27



Retail Price






Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 128GB VR Headset 899-00182-01 / 899-00182-02
182 reviews
The META Mission 2 128 GB VR headset is a standalone virtual reality experience with 6DOF motion detection and a 90 Hz refresh rate. The white headset with black eye-film is clearer and more relaxing, and offers 128 GB of storage (instead of the previous 64 GB). The Meta Quest 2 128 GB VR headset features four cameras with speakers located in plastic arms on an elastic headband. A silicone separator can be inserted to provide space for glasses or to alleviate skin sensitivity issues. The headset allows you to store images and excerpts in the cloud and send messages from inside the headset itself from the right.
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For international shipments, you may need to include a commercial invoice. It will be provided to you with your shipping label, if required. Please bring all three copies to your drop-off location where they can help you attach it to the outside of the shipping box for customs purposes.

Most countries/regions sellers will ship with UP, certain areas of Southeast Asia sellers will ship with SF Express, DHL or ECMS.

If you are shipping from Hong Kong, China, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam, please visit this blog post about Express Carriers in many Asian countries and regions for more information about your shipping carrier.

If you ship with SF Express, you can remove your items or pick them up. When dropping off or picking up your shipment, you may need to open the package to ensure that you have what is announced on the shipping label.

If shipping from Indonesia, Thailand or Vietnam, you will need to use DHL to ship items for sale. Visit to find an authorized DHL location near you to drop off a sealed package.


Once your bid is accepted by the seller, your order cannot be cancelled. This stays true, positive and reliable, which promotes trust in the marketplace for the seller and ultimately leads to more items being offered in stock, which benefits buyers.

While StockX will send you an email when your bid is about to expire to see if you want to renew it, the easiest way to manage your current bid is to purchase the current portion of the tag through Stockx.

Stockx strives to deliver your items to you within 7-12 business days. While this may be longer than you ever have because Stockx Marketplace involves high-value and rare products, we want to make sure that the items you purchase on our site meet our internal quality standards.

Therefore, the buyer’s Stockx shipping time frame takes into account the time it takes for the seller to ship the item to us, as well as the time we spend verifying the item at our facility. This is to ensure that each item that is placed in the hands of a buyer is one that they are confident will perform or be worn.

Due to the nature of the global marketplace and the lengthy time inquiries on the site, Stockx allows the seller to provide a shipping window of a few days to provide courtesy and convenience.

The reason a seller may not have shipped yet is usually one of the following.
It is still within the time frame allotted for the seller to pack their items and place them on the shipping service, which is two business days for most items:.
New release sneakers and street wear = three days
Top releases = five days
Please note that sales days, weekends and holidays do not count as shipping days
Due to the nature of their release, other items may have extended shipping timeframes
Seller places their item in a UPS Access Point instead of a UPS Store, resulting in a delay in the item being scanned

Transactions on StockX are typically resolved within 7-12 days. If a buyer purchases an item and fails to obtain a shipping confirmation (after five days is usually usual), Stockx will take steps to place you with another seller at any additional cost, or if we are unable to, or if we are unable to, or if Or, if we are unable, or, if we are unable, or, if we are unable, or, if, to refund your purchase price.

If there is no shipping confirmation more than five working dates after purchase, please visit the “Help” page on Stockx and select the “Contact Us” button to create a case for more information and additional help.

Placing a Bid will allow you to set how much you’d like to pay for an item, from a minimum of $15. If you have the highest bid price for an item on the site, it will be up to a Seller to determine if they are interested in meeting you at your offer.

Buy Now immediately purchases your item from the Seller with the lowest Ask—if you like the current price of an item with respect to the size you’re trying to purchase, this is the easiest way to lock in with a Seller and make sure it doesn’t slip through your fingers.

Until a little bit, you will be able to change the shipping address after your purchase.

The easiest way to make sure your item goes to the correct address is to verify that your shipping address is correct before purchasing the item. Any purchases you make on Stockx will use the address we have on file.


If you have changed your address and forgot to change it on Stockx, you can change your address after you have purchased the item prior to verification whenever you purchase the item. To change your address, please contact us and provide the following information.


Any relevant information about your order
Your new address
Proof of identity and address

You will not be able to change your shipping address after verifying the item.


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